Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front MOD CHEATS

Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front MOD CHEATS

Brothers In Arms 2 – the plot is based on the battles of the Second World War, which will take place in five parts of the world: in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, in Normandy, a campaign in North Africa, as well as in Germany and the island of Sicily. The game begins as Corporal David Wilson parachuting into the jungle in the Solomon Islands. During an attack on a radio station, a Japanese soldier stabbed him. A few weeks later, in the hospital, he receives a letter informing him of the death of his brother Eric and how his Medal of Honor was recalled. When he fights in many theaters of World War II, he continues to search for the truth about the death of his brother. He learns that his brother’s death could be a murder, and tries to find anyone who knows about it. He also finds out that Eric had problems with the colonel, which was strange because they were separated. He learns the name of Colonel Becker, who has serious problems with anger, but he knows how to lead.

His leader in Europe, Corporal Hartley, discovers that Lieutenant Dyer and Sergeant Donovan, two men, were rumored to be with Eric at the time of his assassination, were definitely with him when he died. 50 assignments for each front. You can play both alone and in campaign mode for up to 5 players, including your soldier. If the player chooses the last option, Dyer will be shot, but will still be saved by the commander of David. Your attention is given the opportunity to drive a tank, SUV or glider and shoot from weapons mounted on them: automatic weapons, bazookas, sniper rifles, etc. The magnificent graphics, three-dimensional fields of military operations, breathtaking video screensavers of this game will lead you to utter delight.

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